iUV 1200s UV Printer
iUV 1200s UV Printer
November 8, 2016
P40i Dye Sub Black ink
June 23, 2017

44″ Calender Rotary Heat Press

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44″ Calender Rotary Heat Press


ThermTx® Calenders are an affordable, easy to use solution for all your dye sublimation paper transfer

applications. ThermTx® Calenders deliver precision temperature fixation to a broad range of textile

applications, thus saving time on production. An all steel solid construction provides high quality

performance and ensures ThermTx® Calenders are built for year on year production.


• Material Loading: The Calender is delivered with six (6) mandrels; three (3) for feeding and

three (3) for take up after sublimation

• Spring Loaded take-up Mandrels: A unique feature to ThermTx® range. No tools are required

to load or remove media from the calender. Cores are easily positioned directly onto a spring

loaded mandrel for accuracy and ease of use

• Media Centering un-wind Mandrels: All unwind mandrels include a material centering

system which allows the user to quickly and accurately load the Calender for production

• Automatic Cool Down: Your ThermTx® Calender has an automated cool down function.

Electric supply is only disconnected when the drum reaches 76°C

• Fixed sports table: included in the design, allowing cut piece as well as roll 2 roll transfer


• Cut piece bin: for catching cut pieces, keeping them clean for production


• All steel component construction

• Temperature accuracy is controlled by a precision infra-red sensor, ensuring consistency

during the entire transfer process

• Fast warm-up and cool down times save energy and labor

• NOMEX® felt belt for added durability

• Mechanically adjusted belt without the need of compressed air; the belt does not need

adjustment before, during or after the transfer process

• Industry leading 200mm diameter drums for faster operation

• All OMRON® controllers and heat couplings for year on year stability

• Quick Chuck® self locking mandrels, secures and centres cores consistently.

Available for both 3″ and 2″ cores